First Thursday - September 2016 - Laura Garner

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So once I month I team up with Barry to shoot video interviews with local artists down at Anastasia & Friends on Main Street for First Thursday. This month it was with local artist, Laura Garner and you can read more about Laura's show below. Sorry I've been tied up with other things so I'm just getting to this now!


Taken from the Facebook event page:

Please join us for opening reception of "TopsyTurvy" a solo exhibition of works by Laura Garner.


I was raised in the city of Columbia, South Carolina. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination for all things odd, strange, old, beautiful, and insignificant ( well, depending on whose perspective). I love the visual arts, and always have. My deep-rooted appreciation and passion for the arts has found its voice through numerous media. Paint, charcoal, clay, assemblage, ink. Found objects. I love it all.

I’ve always made art and cannot imagine not making it. I remember being four; sitting on the kitchen floor and squinting at the fan-lights to make them blend; to be able to manipulate the colors and hue. I used to flip my doll-house upside down because it offered a whole other world. When I found tools that could help me do this; i.e. pencils, crayons, markers: I never looked back. Now the tools I use are more sophisticated, and my understanding and knowledge in the visual arts has vastly evolved. But the child-like wonder; the innocence of creating; is still and I hope will always be there.

I like the opposites of the world we live in. The grotesque nature of it. How everything is actually topsy- turvy. How marvelous it is, and how terrifying it can be. I like to think I can capture these moments and pockets through paintings and other forms of visual expression. What inspires me could be a dream, an emotion, a person, a landscape, a dead bird. There are so many strata in our world and I want to feel it all. Making art helps me feel it. It brings me closer.

I make up stories when I create. I name my subjects. I talk to my colors. Sometimes I even threaten my paintings. Sometimes I sing to them. I love them, and then I hate them. It makes each one really involved. Not a manufactured approach. Very personal and weird and…. Well, like a child at play really. When nobody’s watching and you’re free. I forever want to play. That is my art.

After receiving my BFA with a focus in Painting and a minor in Art History from the University of South Carolina in 2011, I moved to the city of Groningen in the Netherlands until 2013. I continued with my education by pursuing a Masters Program in the Restoration and Conservation of Easel Paintings with Accademia Riaci in Florence, Italy, and completed the program in the summer of 2014. My vision of pursuing a professional career in Conservation has manifested into a reality with my recent anniversary of one year of employment with Carolina Conservation in Columbia, South Carolina. The balance between doctoring old, worn, and seemingly forgotten objects in juxtaposition to creating my own work; new, infantile in comparison, and fresh from the imaginings of my own mind is, a contrast that influences my work greatly.


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